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20tth Anniversary of 9/11 Tribute

​Todd was honored to be asked to be a part of “the 20th anniversary Tribute to the 9/11 Heroes event! ” He sang 3 songs during the performance event. He was able to be at Ground Zero one year to the day of the tragedy, and also in the Pennsylvania field for that ceremony 2 years after. This 20th anniversary Tribute was so amazing to be a part of! Of course he shared “My Name is America” as one of the songs. The entire performance with the 90 member Middlesex Hospital Vocal Chords choir, was a spectacular Patriotic musical journey to honor the heroes! Plus the performance benefited the CT Firefighters/EMS & Police Benevolent fund and Middlesex Health Covid /Emergency response fund. Watch Todd's performance here:

And the Grand Finale here:


Saturday night after the 9/11 Tribute in Hartford, CT we were able to touch a piece of a beam from The North tower of the World Trade Center ground zero in Middletown at the South Fire District. Sunday we were able to drive to the September 11 memorial World Trade Center in NYC. Talk about an emotional place. The 2 pools that are where the old towers stood are so powerful. They are like huge holes, which is what those loss of lives left. A huge hole. And the waterfalls on the inside are like tears constantly flowing. We also stopped at Battery Park to view the Statue of liberty What an amazing trip. God bless each of you new friends we have met! We love and appreciate you!

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