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Welcome to
     Tent Revival of America -With Todd Herendeen- A Gospel & Patriotic Music Ministry Traveling America and 501 (c)(3) Public Charity.

Are you tired of God being pushed out of our everyday lives here in America?  It is time we stand together and lift America back up to God.  We are asking communities that we visit to unite with us for a few hours, put down our separation and look to God, not man, to heal our country.
2 Chronicles 7:14
If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Our Mission:  To Keep God in America. To spread Jesus. To never let our Veterans be forgotten. To help Those In Need.

Tent Revival of America is a non-profit, music ministry. We can bring this music event to any venue!  We've done it a VFW's Legions, Churches, Outside, Theatres, Concert Halls, ANYWHERE!  We have no Political message.  We bring all denominations together. Holding the event in the tent, is a way to get a community involved in a neutral way. No one is scared to enter a building or denomination.  (We use the tent for these concert events as well as ministry outreach opportunities, like giving away Bibles, at festivals, etc.)  Todd Allen Herendeen and his band are reminding Americans that their country was raised up and founded as a nation with moral standards of God.  Todd will tell this message through gospel and patriotic music.  Southern Gospel style music-very upbeat and uplifting!  As Mr. Herendeen has always done, the program will include honoring America's past and present veterans for their sacrifices in protecting and defending our freedoms. During the program, we honor all veterans with a certificate we created especially for them titled "For Serving One Nation Under God."   These events are Free to the public.  We ask for a love offering.  We invite everyone in the community, all the churches and veterans organizations to come join us!
If your church or veterans organization wants to get involved in any way, please contact us! We greatly appreciate you helping spread the word about the event coming to your community!
As for the concert itself, if held under the tent, we ask that you bring your own lawn chairs. 
It takes around 3 hours to put up just the tent not including the inside (staging, lights, etc) which is two more hours. The tent is 60x90 Feet and holds around 500 people! We always ask if we can get about 4 or 5 younger strong healthy guys (18-50ish year old's) that can help with driving tent stakes and hoisting those center poles!
​Todd Allen Herendeen is ordained as well as an incredible vocalist who loves God.  
Todd has always had an utmost respect for our military and considers anyone serving or who has served, a true hero! He has been a member of the Sons of The American Legion for over 20 years. He and his band have always been and always will be, proud Americans.  They are honored to have "Tent Revival of America- A God and Country Concert" laid on their hearts for America.
"This music ministry is God's and we are just being obedient and carrying out His work. The talent is God's, He is just using it through us, servants of His."

Would you like to see Todd Allen Herendeen's Tent Revival of America or God and Country Concert to come to your community?  We can bring the Tent or we can hold the event in any venue suitable for a concert (churches too).  For the tent, what we need is a flat, grassy spot to hold it, like a fairground or campground that would allow us to come, (with a spot big enough for a 60x90 tent and plenty of parking, of course!)  If you can ask your church or Veterans Organization (AMVETS, American Legion, VFW, etc) if they want to get involved, that always helps to have a start. We do need a personal contact on the ground in the area we are bringing it, that can help post fliers around as well as help market and spread the word about the event!   Contact Us if you want us to come to your area!  We will email you back.

What people Are Saying About us...

"What a wonderful concert! Great tribute to our veterans, thoroughly enjoyed this!"
-Imelda Long

"What a fantastic ministry! Thanks Todd, Angel and the Band for letting me share our Veterans ministry."
-Rev. Billy Fox

"Great concert Todd. You are very talented and we enjoyed the show immensely. We applaud your recognition of our creator, our veterans and our country. God Bless America."
-Pamela Roesler

"Have enjoyed two wonderful uplifting musical concerts Todd Allen Herendeen and his band have put on. So thankful to be in PC to be able to attend... Todd is a true blessing to this area."
-Beverly Hall

"Todd,You're voice and you're whole show is anointed , you are doing what Jesus told us to do and that is to tell the world about Him! God is blessing what you are doing and I thank you too! God Bless!"
-Vivian Glenn

"You are a blessing to so many! Love watching y'all! Just hoping to see a lot more of you in the future! Keep up this awesome ministry!!"
-Connie Eaton

"You truly are a man of God, Todd. He is using you mightily!!!!"
-Vicki Brantley Vick

"Good service tonight. So good to see all of you singing and ministering the love of God to so many folks!"
-Pastor Johanna Webb

"May God bless you for what you do for God and Country."
-  Jack Eshenaur

"So proud of your ministry Todd!!"
-Di Swanson

"You and all of the musicians and singers are so talented and so committed to spreading the Word, and that is very apparent.   Your heart comes through in your music and spoken words, and I know that everyone who was there felt the touch of the Holy Spirit as we listened and watched you all. Those who were there were moved and touched by all that you brought to us about the great need for God and His word in our wonderful country and the necessity of patriotism to uphold our freedoms and opportunities in this country.  Thank you for honoring and remembering all."
-Anne DeLaet, Grace Fellowship Church Flint, TX

"You all did a wonderful job last night honoring God, country, veterans and Israel. We love you and thank you for inviting us to be a part of this revival. God Bless you as you travel. You will be in our prayers!! Much love."
-Pastor Scarlett Harrington

"Thank you, You all did a great Job and we enjoyed having you all here! Hope you can come back again some time soon. Glad we are on the same page fighting for this Great Nation. God Bless and safe travels."
-Wendy Bustin Gallegos

"It was a wonderful event. The message hits home and truly makes you stop and think about what's happening in our world today. We're grateful that you all had the calling and support to spread this message - I hope people take it to heart!"
-Nonie Kinner

"Last night was absolutely wonderful - the setting, the music, the video aids, and most of all the word. I grew up in this country filled with God, church, and religion.....and I truly want to see it again before I leave."
-Jeanine Mix

"How inspiring & refreshing to know you & your family are trying to get people "more" involved with our Lord & Savior & back to our "roots" as they were & need so desperately to be again!! Thank you for venture you have in the making. May God continue to bless you all...."
- Jan Milner

"Salmon, Idaho, is a very remote area. We need an event such as this. County population is at about 7000, city half that. My American Legion post may be very interested in helping. Anytime between now and fall would be good. This sounds exciting."
-Annie Baird

"We really enjoyed the Concert mixture of gospel and patriotic songs. We would love to attend another. It was a blessing to see people asking for prayer and asking Jesus into their lives."
-Harold and Ann Keown

"Such a wonderful event!!! So uplifting and inspiring...Best wishes to everyone."
-Francis Oates

"Thank you for such an Amazing show last night. Very powerful and overwhelming feeling. May god bless you and your family and hope to see you again.."((hugs))
-Patty Smith


God and Country Concert in Murfreesboro, TN raised over $25,000 for two charities! Thank you Lord for using us for your purpose!

Tent Revival of America Event Photos 

Our Mission

Our Mission

To Keep God in America. To spread Jesus. To never let our Veterans be forgotten. To help Those In Need.


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